Creators of Customized Unique “EXPERIENTIAL-THEATER” Presentations That Engage and Entertain Attendees While Inciting Change Through Inclusion & Diversity.

This Is Not Your Typical Diversity & Inclusion Training. Not At All. If You’re Looking For A Program That Will Engage, Entertain, and Engross Your Audience, We’ve Created Something Unique & Ground-breaking. It’s All About CHANGE…

I’m Todd Lewis, and for the last 17 years, I’ve been involved in creating and producing live INCLUSION & DIVERSITY programs that engage people on a whole new level. Through my diverse background in writing, performing, directing, and overall education, Impact Inclusion & Diversity is the culmination of everything that I am knowledgeable and passionate about.

Colleges & Universities Are Flocking To This Type Of Program, And We SPECIALIZE In Facilitating Programs Like This For College-Age Students.

And right now, DURING COVID-19, we have put together a powerful VIRTUAL version of our in-person program, and it has taken off. At Kettering University, for example, the people who brought us in to create their programs has told us they are overjoyed with the number of students who have attended these programs. In addition, the comments from attendees after the programs have exceeded all expectations.

The Key Is INTERACTION. Our Attendees Never Feel “PREACHED TO,” Rather They Feel Comfortable To Comment, To Talk, To Share, and To ENGAGE, Which Is Key To Change In This Area.

Everything we do at IMPACT INCLUSION & DIVERSITY is designed to actually forge change. And through our study of human psychology and emotion, we know how to get even the most closed-down people – the ones seeming most “set in their ways” to open up, to discuss, and to actually look at things in a new and powerful way.

And CORPORTATE Work Is Key To All We Do As Well.

Perhaps you have a client who’s in need of diversity training, sexual harassment education, violence prevention, or some other court-mandated program. If so, what my team and I do here at IMPACT INCLUSION & DIVERSITY is a solution with a great track-record, and we will go above and beyond to get results.

CALL ME ANYTIME TO CHAT (no cost, no obligation)

We specialize in creating unique, powerful, and ENTERTAINING diversity and inclusion initiatives that get results. We do this through what we call “Experiential Performance & Interaction.” This goes far beyond just having someone come in and lecture the staff about what is acceptable in the work place.

Here’s What Stephanie Jones Has To Say
About What We Do:

“The overall quality, experience and professionalism of the team is why “Impact Inclusion & Diversity”  is returning to our campus again and again!  The team worked with us to deliver quality, tailor-made sessions.”


There are a number of things that set IMPACT apart from the other equity, diversity & inclusion options that are out there for you:

FULLY CUSTOMIZED – we fully customize our “Diversity Performance & Education” approach around exactly what any group or company is needing, and if you don’t feel you know exactly what is needed, we will help you determine that. We’ll meet with you and discuss what we can do at no charge before you decide that we’re the right fit for for your organization.

ATTENDEE ENGAGEMENT – we make sure that what we create will ENGAGE the people taking the training – entertaining them through laughter, inciting discussion, and making sure they retain the training better than any other approach out there.

EXPERIENCE MEANS QUALITY – we have over 20 years of experience in Diversity and Inclusion training, which will translate to your attendees getting the very best writing, interaction, and quality training sessions available anywhere. My team and I take what we do very seriously, and it goes well beyond being just a career for us. It’s a passion, and something we strive to be the very best at in the industry.

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – we back up everything we do with a 100% money-back guarantee. If your cleint is not thrilled (not just satisfied) with the diversity training we create for them, they get the training for free. That’s how much we stand behind everything we do. No other company we know of offers that kind of guarantee.

What I would recommend is that you just pick up the phone and call me at 616-560-2761, and we can chat about exactly what you may need, and how Impact Inclusion & Diversity can help you realize those goals.

I look very forward to talking with you.

Todd M. Lewis – Award-Winning Writer & Content Creator

Here’s What Wayman Britt Has To Say
About What We Do:

“Todd and his team did a masterful job in illuminating our thoughts and minds on the critical importance of embracing differences and leveraging the strength of others.  They have the unique ability to help organizations frame diversity, equity and inclusion, and to strengthen their resolve to do something about it. If you are looking to build a culture that values differences and if you want to fully engage the talents and abilities of your workforce, I highly recommend Todd and his team.”